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Love a challenge? The Noops are inexplicable machines that don’t do anything at all. Pick one, make it do something, and have fun with code along the way.

Give a Noop purpose

All our Noops have simple APIs for you to play with. Bend them to your will to test your skills.

Meet the Hexbot, for example—it lives at:

Sending a GET to this resource returns:


All it does is emit a hex code. From #000000 to #FFFFFF—and all 16,777,216 colors between—you can do anything you want with the data. Show the color? Sure. Show the 80s movie poster with that hex as the dominant color? Better. We've got the documentation and few starter ideas in the repository.

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hexbot hero

Hex codes everywhere

A different color with every ping

Level 1
Clock with randomly moving hands

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