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👋 Meet Chartbot

Chartbot has collected a nearly infinite supply of information over the years and is just waiting for you to ask for it.

Chartbot's interests are wide and ever-growing. Whether the topic is pet animals, corporate performance, or popular music genres, Chartbot has data. Endless data.

Some have questioned the veracity of all of this data. Lucky for you, all of Chartbot's API endpoints come with a replacement warranty: if any piece of data doesn't look correct, just go ahead and grab a fresh new batch from the API for free!


Chartbot's API has one endpoint:

This will serve up a set of data for you to chart. The rest is up to you.

Chartbot has two different types of charts: time charts and pie charts. By default, Chartbot will choose one at random to serve to you. You can also choose the type of chart by setting the type query parameter:

Read the complete API documentation.

🚦 Starter

Chartbot has included a starter kit that uses the popular ChartJS library to render charts from the Chartbot API.

Check it out

🔆 Ideas

  • Learn a new library: Try using D3 to render Chartbot's data.
  • Build your own charts: Try building your own chart renderer from scratch using HTML Canvas or SVG. If that's not challenging enough, try using pure CSS!
  • ASCII Want to render Chartbot's data in your terminal like they did in the good old days before the web was invented? That sounds fun. Show us what you make!
  • Integrate with other Noops: Integrate the colors from Hexbot into Chartbot's data. Use Vexbot's vectors or the patterns from Directbot to create fill patterns.
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