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Fizzbot wants to interview you.

Are you up for the challenge?

Here at Noops HQ, we get a lot of job applications*

(*) Not actually true.

We get so many applications, in fact, that we created Fizzbot, the world's best* online interview bot, to help us handle the load.

(*) Also not actually true.

Fizzbot is only an HTTP request away, ready to give you fizzy and buzzy questions that will test your programming ability to its fullest.

Get started at – but do it quickly!


Fizzbot will give you a series of questions. Solve each one by GETting the question from the provided url and then POSTing the answer back to the same url.

Fizzbot will give you a 200 response if you are correct, and a 400 response if you need to try again. Learn more about HTTP status codes.

Answering a question correctly will give you the path to the next question.

  "message": "Thank you for your application to Noops Inc.

Our automated fizzbot interview process will help us determine if you have what it takes to become a Noop.

For each question, you will GET the question and then give us the answer back to the same URL.
You will also find the URL for the next question in the nextQuestion parameter for each response.

The first question is at

Good Luck
  "nextQuestion": "/fizzbot/questions/1"

Take a look at the API documentation to learn more about interviewing with Fizzbot.

We don't have time for slowpokes around here. Fizzbot will grade you on how fast you can answer all of the questions. Can you get an A+?

To be honest, Fizzbot gets kind of bored waiting around twenty-five hours per day, eight days per week for new interviewees. Can you impress Fizzbot and break up the monotony by recording the fastest interview Fizzbot has ever seen?

Starter kits

Fizzbot has provided a couple of starter scripts to get you fizzing and buzzing.

Python Starter Kit

An interactive starter kit using Python 3 or Python 2 that will take you through the fizzbot interview process on the command line.

Ruby Starter

An automated Ruby starter kit that you can use to build a bot to solve the fizzbot interview

Although Fizzbot is partial to COBOL and PL/I, we would love to see submissions in as many languages as possible. If you have a solution in a novel language, please open a pull request!

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