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👋 Meet Ideabot

It's your turn—what challenges would you like to see next?

Create an issue with an idea for a Noops challenge—an API, theme, or puzzle—and rally votes around it. When we launch the next Noops Challenge, we'll first look to see what the community has requested.

How it works

Create an issue with your idea.

A well-written issue would have:

  • Descriptive title
  • Short explanation of concept (about two sentences)
  • Detailed explanation that covers how the challenge would work (API or puzzle), programming concepts required, and why people might like it. If it might appeal to a particularly community—particularly one we didn't address with this set of challenges—we'd love to learn about it.
  • Suggestions of what sort of projects challengers could create with the Noop.

Look at any of our READMEs (like this one for the Hexbot) for reference.

The READMEs all follow a format:

  • Brief description
  • How it works
  • What you can do
  • API documentation

With this first set, we targeted challenges where new developers could start seeing results within an hour of coding, and experienced developers could see deeper results with a few hours. Where possible, we tried to be language and platform agnostic—about half the APIs are best used through the terminal in any language, and the other half best experienced through the browser.

💡 What can you do?

We had dozens of ideas that we did not have room for in this challenge and that we'd love to try in the future—but we're sure there are even better ideas out there!

A few ideas we didn't do (yet) but would love to see someone run with:

  • Battleship: Classic board game would be interesting to implement as an API to play against a robot or another human.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Clues are hidden across repositories, source code, or responses, and only the curious can find the answer.
  • Game of Telephone: The last message is relayed from one player to another, and the result is published to everyone.
  • Mr. Potatohead: The API returns only fragments of the final product, and the UI displays the pieces cobbled together.
  • Interactive fiction: Write a game that happens entirely through text.
  • Glitch: Create filters that glitch video, audio, or data.
  • Infer an object's mass: POST a force vector, and the API returns how much it moved. Can you figure out the object's center of gravity and mass—and the friction of the surface?
  • Mash up any two public repos or datasets: Gather a list of public datasets and the tools for anyone to mash them together.
  • Ridiculous programming constraints: Code Golf is fun but it's so...pedestrian. What if you had to write a program where no function could take an argument? Or where you couldn't use any...strings.

What else can you think of? Let us know.

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