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👋 Meet Interviewbot

Interviewbot is Fizzbot's cousin. After job applicants pass the Fizzbot exam, they are invited to meet Interviewbot and try some coding puzzles to see if they have what it takes to become a Noop.

Are you ready to pass Interviewbot's challenge?

Like Fizzbot, Interviewbot has a number of questions for you. Interviewbot's questions are more difficult, so you might want to try your hand at Fizzbot first.

📖 How does it work?

To start your interview, access:

The first question is easy—enter your GitHub login.

Send a POST with a JSON object with your login:

{ 'login': 'noops-challenge' }

Answering each question correctly will grant you access to the next question, in the "nextQuestion" field of the response.

Read the complete API documentation.

⛏️ Starter Kit: Ruby

Not sure where to begin? Try our Ruby Starter Kit to get a headstart on your interview. It shows how to interact with the Interviewbot API.

🎉 Interview Success!

If you can answer all of the questions, Interviewbot will grant you a certificate proving that you passed the interview. The interview is timed, so be quick.

✨ A few ideas

  • Try a new language: Write a solver in a new-to-you language that accesses the API and answers the interview questions.
  • More like this: One of the questions involves prime factorization. If you liked that question, you might be interested in Project Euler, compendium of questions of varying difficulty. Have fun!
  • Suggest a question: Do you have ideas for other questions Interviewbot should ask? Send us a pull request!
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