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👋 Meet Pathbot

Like its cousin Mazebot, Pathbot is always getting lost.

While exploring the subterranean floors of the Noops, Inc. complex, Pathbot came upon a TI-99/4A with a collection of 1970s-era text adventure games. Pathbot eventually went back to work on the Noops assembly line, but it just couldn't stop thinking about hunting Wumpuses, avoiding pits, and escaping from the Grue.

Enter one of Pathbot's labyrinths and see if you can make it out.

🔦 Pathbot API

Get started by posting to /pathbot/start

  "status": "in-progress",
  "message": "You find yourself in a strange room. You're not sure how you got here but you know you need to escape, somehow.",
  "exits": [ "N", "S" ],
  "description": "You are in a bright long dining room with exits to the North and South. You sense that the maze's exit is to the North, at least 6 rooms away..",
  "mazeExitDirection": "N",
  "mazeExitDistance": 6,
  "locationPath": "/pathbot/rooms/LU62ZaD_SqudPvH3Qt3kJQ"

POST a direction to the locationPath to move

 "direction": "N"
  "status": "in-progress",
  "message": "You are trapped in a maze",
  "exits": [ "N", "S" ],
  "description": "You are in a chartreuse rectangular storage room with exits to the North and South. You sense that the maze's exit is to the North, at least 5 rooms away..",
  "mazeExitDirection": "N",
  "mazeExitDistance": 5,
  "locationPath": "/pathbot/rooms/OkNMk8D_XfLtYgnicZWzcA"

Read the API documentation for complete details.

💻 Starter kit: Interactive client

To get you started, Pathbot has provided you with an interactive client, written in go, that will let you explore Pathbot's mazes.

✨ A few ideas

  • Create an automated solver: Humans can be pretty good at solving mazes, but they'll never be as fast as a well-tuned computer. Start from the included go program or write a program that can escape in another language.
  • Make it graphical: Each room has a description. Use these descriptions to create a richer playing experience. Add a map of the rooms explored so far.
  • Make your own text adventure: Perhaps you want to create your own game, complete with Grues. Start out with Twine or write your own engine. Anything is possible!
  • Create an audio adventure: Try using the Speech Synthesis API to make an immersive audio experience.
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